Terms and Conditions


  1. These terms and conditions cover all users of Clean to Please website and those who wish to avail its services.
  2. Upon using our website or availing our services, you will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions and allow us to use the information you’ve provided in delivering the services that our business is in compliance with.

Usage of Website

Accessing Clean to Please website lets you:

  1. Scan through the services we’re offering
  2. Download or copy information about the services that Clean to Please provides
  3. Avail of Clean to Please services through online booking and payment options
  4. In return, by accessing our website, you hereby consent Clean to Please to send cookies for the purpose within the bounds of these terms and conditions.

Registration and Account Management

  1. To avail Clean to Please services, you will need to create an online account by providing information necessary for our operation and our corporate partners.
  2. Your user ID and password are yours to keep private and confidential
  3. Any breach on your account must be made known to us in writing immediately
  4. Clean to Please will not be liable for any activity by your account brought about by a compromised login information

Rendering Services

  1. Clean to Please will make necessary arrangements on how can we access your house before the agreed schedule of services.
  2. To protect our employees, you hereby agree to provide a favorable working environment. Should we recognize the presence of any risk to life and safety of our professional cleaners due to the negligence of homeowner, you hereby agree to pay 50% of the booking cost.
  3. We will use our equipment and cleaning products unless otherwise specified by the client.
  4. Clean to Please expects to receive full payment before rendering the services unless otherwise prearranged by the customer. Failure to pay on time without due notice will result in the cancellation of services.
  5. Cancellation of booked services must be made two days before the date of appointment. Inability to cancel on time will lead to forfeiture of the reservation fee.
  6. All complaints about our services and professional cleaners must be addressed via our contact information.
  7. Clean to Please vows to exert all efforts to protect and secure the information you’ve provided us. This information will be used solely for the purpose of our business and will never be sold nor shared with third party companies without your permission unless required by law on for the purpose of litigation.