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    Additional Cleaning Services / Add-Ons

    Inside Cabinets

    Organized and refreshed kitchen cabinets bring an energizing sense of order to your homes most important room. We leave your cabinets looking and smelling clean, and free of germs, bacteria, and food particles that may attract insects and rodents. (rate base per hour per professional)


    Best when done seasonally; a deep clean and deodorizing of the hardest working appliances in your home, your refrigerator. Keeping food fresher, glass shelves fingerprint free and odors & spills eliminated with a full interior wipe-down, including edges and top of refrigerator.

    Non-Self Inside Oven

    Scrubbed and wiped entirely, a non- self- cleaning oven requires a little more elbow grease. Removing harden spills, splattered grease and gunk covered glass and racks.

    Self Clean Inside Oven

    After a self-cleaning process is completed we will carefully wipeout any residue and spills leftovers as well as the excess grey ash left all over the oven interior. Our detailed attention to racks removes baked-on spills, prevents stains and rust.

    Make Beds

    Come home to a beautifully made bed that induces a restful night sleep. (Change linens included; Client responsible leaving linens out)

    Furniture Treatment Please to Order

    Turn chaotic time into organized sanity, keep us for a bit more to finish those time consuming tasks (rate base per 30 mins. per professional).


    No longer will dirt and debris take away from beautiful sun shining through your homes glass windows on a clear day. Interior and exterior including sill and track areas, windows and glass doors are left virtually spotless. (First story only, Client responsible for removing screen)


    Following a detailed vacuum of your blinds , a very dusty home accessory, our regular care will help your blinds stay looking like-new.

    Washer and Dryer

    After many loads of laundry, the inside of your washer and dryer can get built up residues of dirt, pet hair and detergent. When cleaned on a regular basis it will keep getting your clothes fresh and in top shape.


    Cleaning your dishwasher will not only make your dishes cleaner but will deter mold and mildew from forming too. Our method not only disinfects and cleans the inside of your dishwasher but also helps clean the plumbing that is connected to your dishwasher as well.


    Find the floors of your room, closet or garage immaculate as you walk into a perfectly ordered and professionally transformed room. (rate base per hour per professional)


    Regular cleaning of your lanai will keep you prepared to entertain at a moments notice. We will remove the pollen, insects, dust and mold collecting on your furniture and outdoor kitchen, keeping it ready to enjoy and extending the life of your outdoor investment. (rate base per hour per professional)